Going it Alone

3rd December 2015 – 5.42 pm

Rainmaker, Camp Triggerfish. Still using my Kelp Splatterscope. The game starts as normal, with a rush up the middle by most of us, and a bit of a brouhaha at the Rainmaker. There's not much that grabs my attention as we vie for position and ink advantage, not until about half-way through the game.

I get splatted, and check my gamepad for a sit-rep. Nothing seems too unusual at first, except when I spot the Rainmaker. It's nowhere I expect it to be, which is bad situational awareness by me, but great initiative by a teammate. Whilst most of us are apparently getting distracted by petty rivalries, this one squid has made his way around the side and looks to be heading up the netting towards the podium. Good job, squid!

No one is near our squid carrying the Rainmaker, and there is bad-guy blue ink all around him. Probably underneath him, mostly, as he is on the netting, but it's still not a good sign. As I respawn, I tap my gamepad to superjump towards this trailblazer. Of course, a solo teammate with the Rainmaker deep in bad-guy territory is going to get splatted, more so if you superjump to him. A second after I jump, he gets splatted.

I'm not wearing stealth jump gear, so my landing location is being broadcast. As the Rainmaker just got splatted, there is a bad guy right there, which means he is probably aiming right at my beacon waiting to splat me as I land. Well, I can only do my best with what I've got, so as I descend steeply for the landing, I look down, and launch my sub weapon, a splat bomb.

Normally, a splat bomb wouldn't save me, because the delay between launch and explosion is longer than it takes to be splatted on landing. I'm not really expecting to survive. But the Rainmaker shield interacts quite well with splat bombs, causing them to explode on contact. And as I am jumping to where the Rainmaker is recharging, my released splat bomb hits the shield, explodes immediately, and splats the poor roller kid waiting for me to land. Excellent!

A couple of splats from my charger explodes the Rainmaker shield. I grab the exposed Rainmaker, and charge a blast up to the platform with the podium. No one is around, friend or foe, and a second blast inks the podium itself. A little squidding later, and I am dunking the Rainmaker for a knockout victory! It is always a thrill to dunk the Rainmaker, but full credit has to go to the squid who got it so far up the side route by himself. It's also a good reminder to try not to get caught up in local grudge fights and to pay attention to the objective.

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