Returning for the Rainmaker

8th December 2015 – 5.27 pm

Rainmaker, Flounder Heights. I have an Aerospray MG equipped today, as I enjoy rapid-fire inkers, and the seeker sub and inkzooker special both ink long straight lines, which are great for making a path for the Rainmaker. As is normal for the start of the match, we make a beeline for the Rainmaker, on top of the flats, a quickly released seeker of mine inking a path towards the main ramp.

A bit of inking gets us to the top of the flats, and a couple of us make quick work of the Rainmaker's shield. I decide to grab it. As you swim faster than you run, I squid to jump in to the Rainmaker to pick it up, but, as is too often the case around grids, I mis-time the jump. My squid-self hits the grate the Rainmaker sits on without picking it up, and I fall through and to the ground.

Oh well. Whilst I'm down here, I may as well ink a path for whichever teammate picks up the Rainmaker. If they jump down, hopefully a line of ink will welcome them. I spray some ink ahead of me and see a bad guy ahead. I release a seeker, but the bad guy is gone, up the main ramp on his side, and apparently without noticing me. Well, maybe I can sneak up behind him and help out our side by flanking the bad guys.

I double-back and run up the bad guy's main ramp and wonder what's happening with the Rainmaker. I haven't seen or heard any messages about us losing it, or them getting it. It's only when I'm approaching the top of the ramp that I realise no one's picked it up yet! The Rainmaker is still sat in the middle of the grid, entirely untouched, missing its shield. It seems that the kids are all busy fighting each other.

This is an excellent opportunity. Not only am I coming from behind the action, but I have inked a path most of the way to the podium. I seize my chance, and make sure to actual grabbing the Rainmaker this time, and then purposely squid down through the grate. I drop on to my own ink, and squid along it right up to the ramp towards the podium, where my previous seeker exploded. I'm not quite there yet, though.

A bit more ink is needed, so I charge up the Rainmaker and give it a blast. It inks the ramp, and the top of the podium, but there are still gaps. No problem! At least one of my teammates has seen what's happened and has caught up with me, giving me a 'Nice!' as he approaches, always good for morale. He flings ink from his roller over my head, inking the rest of the way to the podium, and a second fling inks the podium, letting me squid our way to a knockout victory.

That was another quick match, and really quite amusing. I doubt we would have won as quickly had I picked up the Rainmaker when I had first meant to, as I would no doubt have been immediately followed. A mistake is sometimes what you make of it, and this game showed that laying down some ink is always a good idea, even if you're not sure who is going to use it.

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