Tower Control on Arowana Mall, 11-7 with Splatterscope

14th December 2015 – 5.34 pm

Arowana Mall is a good level for chargers, with its split level and long, thin design, so I have my Splatterscope equipped. Tower Control can go either way for chargers. Although you need to ride the tower to win, which presents an obvious target for long-distance splats, chargers just don't work when on the tower, which is the natural focus of point-blank range splatfare. I suppose the effectiveness of a charger is partly dependent on the motivation of the other squids to get on the tower and rely on you for support. But the support cannot just sit back and watch, as was shown to me by another charger in a previous game. When the tower moves forwards, you move forwards. Keep the relative distance the same, but always be moving to provide the necessary support.

I start by getting to my favourite perch. This provides a good overlook for the central zone, as well as giving me just about enough range with my Splatterscope to hit an opposition ledge on the diagonal. This doesn't mean to much when I still have the habit of 'snatching' at my shots, which is evident at my early misses. But I still can cover the tower, and provide a good basis of ink for my squad to squid through.

As soon as the tower moves forwards, I move forwards to keep in range and provide support. Of course, you still have to watch your back, as squids often try to outflank their opposition, and I manage to dodge a splat bomb. I also get carried away sometimes and get on the tower. This isn't a bad idea, even if it's not with the ideal weapon, because even though it's perhaps the most vulnerable position in the battle it can provide a good vantage point. I even get some lucky splats using my charger without charging it. It can get a bit manic on the tower, and the central column provides some cover.

It's a good game, with some fun to-and-fro between the teams. I feel I provided good support with my charger, and didn't make too many misguided moves, or miss too many shots. This is the sort of Tower Control game that keeps me coming back for more.

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