Turf war on Mahi-Mahi Resort, 1157p with a Splash-o-Matic

18th December 2015 – 5.21 pm

Mahi-Mahi Resort is the new map for Splatoon. Much like other recent maps, it has some dynamic elements. In this case, the water level lowers half-way through the battle. First, that means the water level is high to start with, and squids and kids don't like water. I'm not sure why, but we dissolve on contact. Although there is a main area of solid surfaces available to ink, there are some outlying platforms surrounded by water. You can play it safe by sticking to the main area, and running in to the opposition, or you can platform-hop and try to outflank your opponents.

When the water level drops, it makes the map somewhat safer, but it also opens up a whole lot more surface to be inked. This new surface area cannot be touched when the water level is high, so although there is plenty to be done before the water level drops, it's almost like starting again half-way through the battle. It's a clever mechanic, particularly as the revealed inkable surfaces are patchwork amongst the already inked. The level gets bigger and messier within a few seconds.

I haven't quite got the lay of the map yet. I still make jumps in to water, squid in to it accidentally, or just not have my mental compass orientated properly. But I'm getting there. It definitely seems fun, with some level changes, giving options for different weapons and tactics, and plenty of screens to prevent chargers from reaching everywhere without threat to themselves. I'm running around with my Splash-o-Matic, if only because I'm more comfortable with that in Turf War, and it lets me be effective whilst learning. I certainly get around the whole map, which I might not do with a Kelp Splatterscope charger.

In the end it's a victory, with a healthy amount of ink spread around. I think I'll enjoy this map quite a bit once I've played it more.

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