Wreaking havoc on Arowana Mall pt. 1

21st December 2015 – 5.14 pm

The latest Splatfest in the EU region happened recently. Splatfests are special party nights in Splatoon. A divisive topic is picked by the Squid Sisters, with Callie representing one side and Marie the other. Every squid then gets to side with either Callie or Marie, and then battle over who is right. The battles are always Turf War, with three maps in the rotation instead of two, neon-coloured ink represents each side, and the Splatfest lasts for twenty-four hours. This Splatfest's theme was whether you liked having pineapple on your pizza or not. Spoiler alert: people really don't like pineapple on their pizza. Us sensible, pineapple appreciaters were thoroughly thrashed. But we won some small victories.

Of the three stages in the rotation—Arowana Mall, Kelp Dome, and Museum d'Alfonsino—Arowana Mall is perhaps my favourite. Or, at least, it is the map I am most comfortable on. It has some good spots for chargers, has alleys for flanking, and if you're bold enough you can get right up to the opposition's base, for maximum inking. As I recently found a good strategy for a charger in Kelp Dome, and the Museum is open enough for a charger, I started the Splatfest with my Kelp Splatterscope. I quickly switched out for the Splash-o-Matic, though, as we kept losing quite badly. I am more comfortable with the Splash-o-Matic for Turf War, and very comfortable with in on Arowana Mall.

I shall explain my tactics a little in future posts, but for now, here is me running riot in Arowana Mall during the Splatfest.

A nice and high score, only one death, and six splats. That's a pretty good game! I do like Arowana Mall.

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