Wreaking havoc on Arowana Mall pt. 2

22nd December 2015 – 5.46 pm

More havoc in Arowana Mall. My opening move with the Splash-o-matic is generally to get to the opponent's side of the map as quickly as possible, then, well, it all gets a bit fluid after that. There's not much you can predict in the average game. Having said that, a strong prediction is that I'll be the first death of the match. Running pell mell in to the opposition will have that effect. But for those times when it doesn't, I can be quite effective. I suppose it's a matter of knowing the map and the possibilities it allows.

For Arowana Mall, there are three routes to the centre, but only two out of it. Taking the central route out is only asking for trouble, because the plaza beyond it is quite open and, by this point, either holding a couple of opposition squids, or overlooked by them. The other route out, by contrast, is up and along a sheltered alley. Perfect for sneaking by the opposition and coming up behind them. Or to the side of them, at least. The level design is good on Arowana Mall, as you are forced to take the lowest-level, central route through a pinch-point to get a chance to climb up to the opponent's base. There is plenty of turf to fight for, but to get all of it you need to be bold and successful.

In this battle, I get to the centre quickly, and up to the alley before the opposition. My first encounter is with what could be an inexperienced roller, as I keep the upper hand. After that, it's just a matter of inking and moving, inking and moving. I'm far from invulnerable, though. Being splatted occasionally isn't always a bad thing either. It sends me back to our base, from where I can cover some missed turf, and take time to check my gamepad for the state of play in general.

Some nifty manoeuvring, making good use of the platforms, and abusing my Suction Bomb Rush gets me a decent score and some good splats. Another game that we rack up for what turns out to be the losing side of the Splatfest.

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