Turning the tables

23rd December 2015 – 5.18 pm

It's not just Arowana Mall being used for the Splatfest. The other two maps get plenty of inking too. I stick with my Splash-o-Matic, though, as the issue of liking pineapple on pizzas is too significant to muck around with a weapon I'm less comfortable with. In this Splatfest Turf War, we battle in Kelp Dome.

There are some good options for the start of a Turf War on Kelp Dome. I often make my choice based on where I start on the platform. In this case, I head down towards where the opponent's ramp leads them to our side, and lob a Suction Bomb as a warning shot, before making my way to the centre of the map. From there, I suppose it really depends on what the opposition are doing. Taking the central platform and spraying ink indiscriminately is a good option, so is taking out a roller and then getting splatted myself. At least that gives me a chance to take a different direction. And to see the animation for the inkstrike.

I love the animation for the inkstrike! The squid pulling out a tablet to choose where to aim the strike (which is done on the gamepad), then putting her fingers in her ears as the missile blasts away. Continuing on my way has my special charge, and after that little slice of mayhem, I even sensibly turn away from chasing a squid for a splat, favouring inking more turf instead. That's personal growth right there. I also spot the tell-tale sign of the charger's sight seeking me out, and squid away from it. You can tell that I have a good feel for the map by the way I use the obstacles to my benefit.

I think my highlight is managing to evade the Kraken as it chases me, for long enough to be able to splat the kid as he transforms back. Those Kraken nearly always splat me, so it's a good feeling to turn the tables like that. But even all my inking, racking up an impressive 1457p even without the 300p bonus for winning, and a reasonable splat total isn't enough to help our team to the win. But you can't win them all, and this was still a really fun battle in the Splatfest.

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