Wreaking havoc in Arowana Mall pt. 3

24th December 2015 – 5.52 pm

More Splatfest Turf War on Arowana Mall, and with my Splash-o-Matic I am again wreaking havoc. My start is impeded slightly by trying to shoot ink through a fellow squid's head, but that's going to happen when we're all bunched up at the start. I quickly get on my way to the middle, aiming to head up the side alley as usual. The signs of neon-purple ink show a squid up ahead, so I am alert to his presence. My Splash-o-Matic is short ranged, so I can only suppose that its unusually tight spray of ink is what gets me the splat, instead of being splatted.

I get bold early, not seeing any other squids around, and head up to the base to see what ink I can cover up there. It's not really the best tactic. Of all the places you can ink, the patch right outside where squids respawn is the patch that is always going to get covered up pretty soon afterwards. But I suppose it slows them down a little, which is something. Maybe it rattles them a little too, I dunno. It kinda frustrates me a little to have to re-ink my way out of my base, so I suppose it has an effect on others too.

I'm not one to linger by the base, though. Ink and move, as is my general tactic. I know some squids like to hide in ink and catch other squids unawares, but I'm not one for that sort of malarky. If there's more turf to ink, I'd rather be inking it. So off I go. Sort of. There is more turf to ink, all around their base, so I ink my way around that first. I confess that I like making that jump between the ledges too. I soon move on, though, mostly by being splatted by a Sloshing Machine. Ah, only in Splatoon is a washing machine weaponised.

Chasing down a squid for a third splat in quick succession ends hilariously, as that third squid pops his bubble just as I get in range. So it goes. I also get in a motion-control tizzy with a squid a bit later on, with neither of us winning. It's another really fun game, with plenty of action, and a decent result for me.

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