It's a tough battle sometimes

26th December 2015 – 5.33 pm

Standard start, goes okay, some resistance down the alley, but at least I don't rush headlong in to my first splat. It takes a little more time than it often does. But as is usual when splatted initially, when I respawn I take some time to ink turf close to our base. This fills my special gauge, and I use the Suction Bomb Rush a little unconventionally, spreading ink instead of going for splats. I think it's okay, although judging by how hard our opponent's are pressing perhaps I should have waited.

There is a fair bit of resistance from our opponents, making good use of their subs and weapons to keep us from getting to high in the map. I manage to sneak around the side and from there up the middle still, but they must be keeping a close eye on the dynamic map on the gamepad, as I am chased back by one squid, which I splat, and a second, who splats me back to our base. Chasing me also has them covering most of the ink that I spread. With that kind of vigilance and skill, it's no surprise that we don't win the game.

Yeah, we lose, and I am splatted more than I manage to splat. But that's how it goes sometimes. It was still a fun battle.

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