Wreaking havoc in Arowana Mall pt. 4

27th December 2015 – 5.22 pm

A defeat on Arowana Mall in Splatfest is nothing, really. It's a Splatfest after all, and there are titles to be earned. I queue up for the next game, and again it's in Arowana Mall. My standard opening move is nearly caught before I climb the side wall, and laying a Suction Bomb doesn't catch my pursuer. It does let me evade him, though, at least briefly. A second Suction bomb doesn't catch him, and I'm splatted back to the base.

More personal growth occurs when an opponent springs his Bubbler on me and I don't just keep shooting him for nothing. A side-squid and I splat his buddy instead, and move on. From there, it's inking, moving, and splatting. And I can't get annoyed when I am splatted by a squid who then launches an Inkstrike, as I get to see the excellent animation! The Inkstrike is aimed using the gamepad, so the kid pulls out a tablet and selects it, then covers her ears from the blast.

There appears to be a lot of give-and-take in this battle, but either the final map doesn't show that or my squidmates are doing a much better job of staying alive than me. The results suggest the latter, naturally.

Gazpachín was an excellent squidmate for the few matches we played together. He knows how to handle that Splattershot Jr, and was always pushing forwards.

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