Charging to defeat

28th December 2015 – 5.32 pm

It's the following morning of the Splatfest. After an evening of wreaking havoc with the Splash-o-matic I decide to switch back to my Splatterscore. I know I can be useful on Arowana Mall, I've found good tactics for Kelp Dome, and there is a lot of open space on Museum d'Alfonsino. Whether I can be as effective with a charger over a shooter remains to be seen, but I fancy the change.

First game is on Arowana Mall, perhaps the best map for the charger. Or maybe the map I'm more comfortable with. Either way, I get to work quickly, reaching my perch and claiming the centre area for my team. My aim still isn't great, missing quite a few shots throughout the battle, but my situational awareness is improving. I dodge a couple of Killer Wails nicely, and a couple of Suction Bombs, including squidding through a grate in time to avoid getting splatted.

Importantly, I don't just aim for splats. A charger is good at denying the opponents from advancing too far, but it is also good at inking turf quickly. When there are no targets, I see what can be inked, and do what I can to cover our turf. That contributes to the overall goal, as well as giving more routes for squidmates to squid through. And although I prefer to stay around my perch for the most part, when I see that we aren't doing well, I push forwards to ink what I can.

The final map shows that I made a difference, particularly with my last push forwards. But it wasn't enough. Still, I ink the most turf on our team, and I get eight splats and don't get splatted. I think that makes it one of my better battles with a charger, and one I'm quite proud of. Having a couple of low-level squids on the team may not have helped, but it's the quality of the game that counts more than the victory, and I hope they had as much fun as I did.

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