Wreaking havoc in Arowana Mall pt. 5

29th December 2015 – 5.08 pm

The fun with the Kelp Splatterscope was good, but I want Pineapples to be recognised as tasty on a pizza, so I pull out the Splash-o-matic once more. Maybe we've already had too much havoc on Arowana Mall, but this last foray in to my wreaking it is perhaps the most emphatic.

I get a bit of luck with my opening move. I really shouldn't ink past the corner when I get over the ledge. It gives me quick movement, perhaps, but it also signals my position to any squid coming down the corridor before I can see if anyone is there. In this case, a roller reaches the corner as I do. I think she's a little inexperienced, as my ink should alert her to my presence, and when I appear she could have rolled right over me. I should have been splatted, but I manage to turn the situation around.

From that narrow escape, I continue down the alley and charge my special. Often, this means throwing a bunch of Suction Bombs down in to the main central area to cover over the opponents' ink, but in this case I am mostly covering our own ink. My squidmates have pushed up higher than I expect, but that's just fine. Now it's just a matter of covering as much turf as we can.

I get a bit lucky with some splats, with the opponents bunching up a bit. But the Splatling squid is savvy enough to pull back and wait for me to appear the next time. But getting splatted back to the base just lets me cover some ink we've missed, and I'm soon pressing the opponents' base again. Just long enough to ink over it. I don't care to camp respawning squids. Plus, I really like jumping that gap.

In the end, it is a convincing victory. I get a huge score, ten splats for one loss, and we cover over 85% of the map with our ink. Not a bad result.

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