Release the Kraken!

31st December 2015 – 5.15 pm

Titles for battles are difficult. There are only so many combinations of events that occur, even if the battles themselves are wonderfully dynamic. In this case, I encounter a couple of Krakens. Excellent, I think, when the second appears. At least I have a title for my video.

I start at the back. That gives me carte blanche for what direction to go. My most comfortable opening on Kelp Dome, I think, and I jump left and head over the ramp. Ink and move to the edge, throw a Suction Bomb to deter any fast opponent squids, and move to the centre. It's all going smoothly, and my special gauge fills. Activate the Bomb Rush and push in to opponent territory.

I'm impressed that when an opponent squid appears I spot the edge of his active bubble, and rather than engage I move ahead quickly. That doesn't mean I'm out of trouble, particularly as I am heading further towards the opponents' base. More squids are ahead of me, and although I avoid a Roller's splash, I don't outflank her to get the splat. I also don't give chase, which is another sensible move. Dropping the Suction Bomb and squidding on is the best idea when an Inkbrush appears, and I even get lucky, splatting one of my pursuers.

I keep heading away from the base until I hit the ramp. My special gauge is full again, so I turn to face whoever is chasing me. A Roller coming right for me looks like a good target, until she turns in to the first Kraken. Thankfully, I manage to dodge it, at least until the Kraken turns back to a Roller. Yeah, my dropped Suction Bomb works again, but a little too late.

Time to cover as much ink as I can. Our base is sparse, and it's easy to overlook. Then it's checking my gamepad, or moving where it's obvious where to ink. Heading back to the opponents' base attracts more attention, this time a pair of squids. I start to splat the Roller, but he turns in to my second Kraken, and altough that just clears me shots to his buddy behind him, getting me a splat, I don't dodge the Kraken quite so well.

In the end, it's all a bit messy. My tactic to push in to opponent territory is perhaps not the best idea all the time, as there was plenty of purple ink to cover with orange on our own side. Despite my score of 1286p, that's without the 300p victory bonus, as we end up losing. Our little Roller buddy didn't do quite so well on Kelp Dome as she did on Museum d'Alfonsino, but that's okay. As long as she's having fun.

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