So many chargers on Tower Control

1st January 2016 – 5.50 pm

Arowana Mall and Moray Towers are in the Ranked map rotation, which can only mean one thing: squids are equipping their chargers! This includes me, now that I quite enjoy using the Splatterscope, particularly on these maps, which are much suited to charger use. The only problem is that the Ranked mode is Tower Control, where being on the tower with a charger is rarely a good idea. Having three chargers on my team and two on the other side can only lead to an interesting battle.

I mentioned previously how a Tower Control battle with chargers could have gone a bit wrong, but the squids involved knew what they were doing and played accordingly, and the same is true here. Although this time there is a lot more sniping from range, because the same problem is on both teams. But at least everyone is battling for the tower, and not keeping at range, fretful of being picked off. That's not to say we don't get picked off, because we do. I get splatted when aiming for a charger aiming for another of our chargers by a different charger that I don't even see. And if that sentence is confusing, that's because the battle is.

My second splat isn't much clearer. I think that one charger jumps to splat me, getting me a little salty about his superior skills, but it was only after my second review that I realise the camera moves to the charger on the tower who got me, with a much clearer line-of-sight. That makes me feel better, even if my situational awareness wasn't great. How can it be, with so many chargers. It's a brilliantly silly battle.

It's not a win in the end, but it's not a huge loss either, and there is more pleasure in the quality of the battle than whether we win or lose. Besides, someone brought a Tentatek Splattershot to a charger battle.

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