Taking control on Moray Towers

2nd January 2016 – 5.19 pm

After the chaos of five chargers on Tower Control in Arowana Mall, the battle in Moray Towers is rather more subdued. The only charger in the battle is the Splatterscope I have equipped, which puts rather a lot of pressure on my tentacles. I relax a little after I get my first splat, right across the concourse, as a good charger should. After that, it's a matter of moving with my team and keeping them covered. I'm still a bit shaky with my aim, though, so I welcome the super-jumping squid coming down in to my sights.

Although I enjoy the move to a charger, a weapon I wasn't comfortable with for a long time, I still don't fully embrace it. I still want to push forwards and take control of the tower if it is available, instead of pulling back and providing a stable position for squidmates to super-jump to, and giving myself the benefit of range that the charger offers. But that's how I play for now, and even though it gets me splatted more often than I should it lets me enjoy the battle more.

I do like the number of perches available on Moray Towers, probably as much as non-chargers dislike them. This goes doubly for Tower Control, where the route of the tower is nicely predictable, as are the positions of squids on the towers. If I could aim, this would be more of an advantage. But the main point to note occurs at around the two-minute mark. A roller starts working his way up to my perch, and rather than ignore him I try to splat him. Zooming in with my scope, and missing, makes me lose him, though, and although I wait for his squid to reappear I see nothing. I assume he's gone, and move down to cover his ink, at which point he makes a surprising and unfortunate reappearance.

In the end, it's a win for us, and I get a positive ratio of splats, which is a good result. And, hey, look: here's a helicopter landing on another tower at 4:50!

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