Trying the Zink Mini Splatling on Mahi Mahi Resort Rainmaker

9th January 2016 – 5.58 pm

Another new weapon I'm trying out, this time the Zink Mini Splatling. A smaller version of the Splatling, with a much quicker charge time but shorter range. Again, we're battling for the Rainmaker on Mahi Mahi Resort, and again I have little idea where the water is and where the water isn't. But I think I get to grips with the Zink Mini Splatling fairly quickly. Good thing too, with the orange team getting so close to dunking the Rainmaker so early.

My main problem with the Mini Splatling is realising when it has stopped shooting, mostly when others are shooting around me. I'm sure I'll get used to it.

There's a great comedy moment at 1:36 or so, when I stop the Rainmaker's advance and, remembering that the shield will bump me off the platform, I try to squid around it to safety. It doesn't quite work as planned, though, and my attempts to squid around the Rainmaker just end in my squidbutting it, to my own disgrace.

It's a tough ask to beat an early lead that gets to within three points of winning. Needless to say, we don't manage it. But at least we stop further progress by them too. I think the main lesson to learn from this is to use new weapons in Turf War first, then take them in to Ranked battles.

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