Losing my A Rank on Urchin Underpass

10th January 2016 – 5.36 pm

Back to the Tri-slosher in Rainmaker. Hopefully a familiar weapon will help lead us to a victory. I feel a bit outclassed almost immediately, as shooters and a charger close me down at the Rainmaker, and although I can throw ink and squid fairly quickly, it's no match to a shooter with a decent fire rate. Funnily enough, it's the N-ZAP '85 that catches me first, a weapon I tried out myself recently.

Trying to catch up with the Rainmaker doesn't work so well when trying to avoid its blasts, or when trying to squid through the opponents' ink. They get pretty close to dunking the Rainmaker as a result. One point away is pretty close! I think I get the splat that stops them, but even then I see the charger closing me down, and its range easily beats the range of my bucket.

From their excellent position, it's almost a formality for the opposition to recollect the Rainmaker and dunk it on the podium, which I see from our base where I'm respawning. It's a really quick and authoritative victory from our opponents, and included here because the loss drops me down from A rank to A-.

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