First shot with the Octoshot Replica in Turf War

15th January 2016 – 5.29 pm

I'm trying new weapons every now and again, to keep myself as fresh as possible. The Octoshot Replica is another weapon that seems effective when used against me, so I equip it to give it a go in Turf Wars. How about that, not trying a new weapon in Ranked. I'm learning.

The Octoshot is just a reskinned Splattershot, with different sub and special. I'm not a big fan of the Inkzooka. Other squids seem to splat me with unerring accuracy with it, but I seem to just get pushed back with the recoil in to opponent ink, and stuck. Or, in this case, splatted from behind by a roller.

The roller then squidbags as a celebration. I find that really peculiar. Whatever floats your boat, but I'm not sure attempting to goad someone is a good use of your time.

Despite the squidbagger, the Octoshot seems like a decent enough weapon. It has an average range, a decent rate-of-fire, and feels useful enough. Even in a losing battle, I rack up 876p. That's not shabby. The other side certainly seemed to be hitting their marks more than we were, though.

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