Getting to grips with the Octoshot Replica in Turf War

16th January 2016 – 5.08 pm

One battle is hardly enough to assess a weapon. That hasn't stopped me in the past, as I have occasionally tried something new, not liked it as much as the Splash-o-Matic, and gone straight back to that. I know I ought to spend more time with a weapon to get accustomed to it, but when one option works so well it doesn't always make sense to force a swap.

I give the Octoshot Replica another go in Turf War all the same. Even though I started recording my Splatoon games primarily so that I could enjoy watching them myself, I realise that they are available for others to see. This is encouraging me to make changes and keep the videos fresh, rather than simply rehashing the same battles with the same weapon time and again. That's a nice little side-effect for my enjoyment of the game.

Flounder Heights is a great level. So many inkable walls and different routes to take. I go around the side for my favourite starting strategy, which then opens up more options. Straight ahead to drop down in the middle of opposition territory, or still further around the side to maybe outflank some of them. Let's go around the side and see what happens.

One splat, then splatted. I get noticed pretty quickly, it seems. That's another great feature of Splatoon. Advancing necessarily alerts the other side of your movements, because of the spread of your ink. It's possible to be outmanoeuvred, but it's so much easier to be aware of your surroundings too.

It doesn't look good at the one-minute-to-go mark, with us pressed back in to our own territory and blue ink everywhere. I try to sneak away around the side and get some orange ink spread where it may go unnoticed, and the strategy works quite well. Sure, there was a disconnect on the other team, but he seems to stick around for most of the battle. Those two Splattershot Jrs certainly look effective too, getting over 1000p each without the 300p bonus. I should try them out next.

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