Making a right mess of Tower Control

19th January 2016 – 5.34 pm

The battle starts well. I ink and squid nice and quickly with my Tri-slosher, and take control of the Tower, splatting a pesky charger as it starts moving. Then it all starts to go a bit awry, mostly with my squidding in to a Suction Bomb. And then super-jumping to entirely the wrong squid. That takes me by surprise, and my floundering outside my ink is because I'm looking at my gamepad wondering what I did.

Avoiding the Kraken was a decent move. It can't get on the grate, being a squid, albeit bigger, as it would fall through and in to the water. But the pesky charger rears his head again. That's okay, really, as my short-range Tri-slosher doesn't really stand a chance against the long-range charger. And the Tri-slosher comes in to its own when facing three squids on the tower, and my having a height advantage.

Taking down three squids and reclaiming the tower just in time to save a knockout would mean more if we were able to re-take the lead, but even a late move to get it past the half-way mark, forcing the game in to overtime, isn't quite enough to reclaim the victory.

11-11 with the Tri-slosher is pretty decent, though, particularly on the rather open Camp Triggerfish map against an opposition with mostly long-range weapons.

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