So close on Camp Triggerfish Tower Control

21st January 2016 – 5.06 pm

Huh, the opposition have three Luna Blasters in their team. This can't bode well. They may be one of the shortest-ranged weapons in the game, but they are devastating when in their range. Rather than needing a direct hit, blasters send out a bubble of ink that explodes, hitting anything around it. That makes them very effective in Tower Control, when squids are clumped around a single point.

The Luna Blaster may be effective at close range, but it doesn't stop our team from taking an early and good lead. We'd have to muck up quite badly to lose this battle, or the other team make good use of their blasters. Or they just need a couple of them to press high in to our territory in a bid to prevent us reclaiming the tower.

Denying us territory works quite well. Not only do we have trouble trying to get even to the half-way mark on the map, but the presence of opposition squids distracts us in to engaging them rather than splatting those on the tower. It's probably better to stop the tower moving than splatting any squid not on the tower too, but an effective distraction is just that.

Thankfully, we manage to deal with the distractions and, as they have over half the map to travel to begin making nuisances of themselves again, or super-jump and give away their positions, we stop the tower before the situation looks bleak. And my sloshing to clear the tower, to keep it clear from the super-jumpers, and protecting my squidmate riding the tower back, gets me a 'Nice!'. That's always good for morale.

When we have positive control of the tower, it's time to use their tactic against them. I press high up the map and try to deny the opposition territory. That only works for so long, and they get the tower back, and their distractions are back in place. But by this time, we're on top of the situation. They ride the tower a bit further, but we regroup and end the battle firmly in our favour.

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