Blasters and Chargers on Tower Control

22nd January 2016 – 5.50 pm

Tower Control on Camp Triggerfish, and I have to deal with blasters and chargers. Both are weapons that I'm not good with, and both are weapons that are excellent in the right suction cups. Blasters are indirect-fire weapons, which are only effective at their optimal range, making them tricky to use but brutal when used well. Chargers can pick out squids at long ranges, but take time to charge each shot, and have a laser sight always active to give warning about their presence. Again, tricky to use, but brutal when used well.

Admittedly, the start of the battle goes poorly, being pushed in to the water by, of all things, the tower itself. But that suicidal splat was actually a pretty good move. That earned me a double splat, and I rush back in to the fray, pressing high in to the opposition territory, and get a second double splat. Then it's back dealing with blasters and chargers. But they have to deal with my Tri-slosher too, so it all evens out, really, particularly when the netting on Camp Triggerfish gives me a height advantage, and the Tri-slosher's ink does all its damage when falling on squids. This works really well when more than one squid is riding the tower.

It would have been nicer if circumstances had evened out a bit more than they did. My 'Nice!' at the end is not so much because I think my last-minute ride on the tower is going to net us the win, but because of a squidmate taking out the blaster. That another takes his place is just what happens sometimes, and I couldn't quite ink enough turf to charge my Bubbler special for a final push. Still, a fun and enjoyable battle!

Just a little note: on Camp Triggerfish, it's worth inking that little patch of metal on the top of the closed gate. When inked, it lets you squid up to the top of the gate, then squid and jump quickly to the wooden planks to continue moving ahead. Without that little patch of metal inked, you slow down to a crawl.

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