Rainmaker there for the taking

27th January 2016 – 5.44 pm

The Rainmaker Ranked battle mode involves taking control of a special weapon and transporting it to a podium deep in opponent territory. Carrying the Rainmaker makes you glow, even when squidding in ink, so you can't hide. It also slows you down a little, as well as preventing use of your own weapon, sub, and special. But it does give you a powerful weapon that works like a charger and fires like the Inkzooka.

For Rainmaker battles, I wondered what weapon would work best. I settled for the Aerospray MG. I find myself comfortable with the weapon itself, with its rapid fire but short range, but the Seeker sub and Inkzooka special seem useful for supporting the Rainmaker. Seekers are automated bombs that zoom ahead of you, and home in on any opponents. Importantly, they ink a path as they move. Firing a Seeker ahead of you, without any opponents around, can give the Rainmaker a clear, straight path to squid down. The Inkzooka is a powerful special, which blasts a surge of ink in a straight line which also inks the turf. Again, another method of inking a straight path for the Rainmaker.

As is usual in Rainmaker battles, there is an initial surge to burst the Rainmaker's shield and take control. On Camp Triggerfish, this means rushing down the main corridor as quickly as possible. I fire a Seeker when I'm sure I'm pointing in the right direction, and that lets me squid ahead quicker than inking and moving, and get close to the Rainmaker's shield. I start shooting, managing to avoid the Suction Bomb thrown over the top of the Rainmaker, but the opponents all have good shooters and take control. The Rainmaker's shield bursts, splatting me. And only me.

I squid back to the middle and fire a Seeker, hoping to take out whoever is carrying the Rainmaker. But it turns out no one is, as everyone is still tussling for control over the zone. I kinda accidentally squid in to the Rainmaker, picking it up. Rather than head forwards, even with the Seeker inking a path, I decide not to run directly in to trouble, and instead turn back to take the more common side route.

A blast with the Rainmaker gives me a path to squid down. I miss the boards for a bit, but cover the block with some ink. That's fine, as I often use that block to hide or climb over, and a little jump doesn't slow me down. Another blast around the corner and I'm free to squid up to the netting. I can't ink the netting, and squidding on it means falling through, so I have to slowly plod along it. Thankfully, I reach it in the nick of time, as a Killer Wail erupts just behind me. That was close!

I don't see another inkling on my stroll up to the podium, but that doesn't mean I've gone unnoticed. That green Killer Wail was out to get me, and one from a squidmate covers me as I ink my way towards the podium. They had my back. It is still perhaps the easiest Rainmaker battle I've been in.

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