So close to dunking the Rainmaker

28th January 2016 – 5.36 pm

Sticking with the Aerospray MG for Rainmaker, and we're on Camp Triggerfish again. The rush to the centre has our team firmly in control, and two of their inklings get splatted when the Rainmaker's shield bursts. With some good support around me, I grab the Rainmaker and push forwards, straight down the middle this time.

As I get to the first of the gates, probably the better one to use, my support is still helping keeping me from being splatted, but trying to ink the gate with the Rainmaker is hindered by my finger slipping off the trigger a couple of times. I swear I know how to use the Rainmaker!

I get it sorted as a squidmate comes to my aid, and we climb up to round the corner towards the podium. That first patch of turf at the top of the gate is ink-resistant, so it takes a slow plod to get to the corner. My squidmate turning in to a Kraken is perfect timing! An invincible squid that can swim through opponent ink, whilst inking a path in our own colour!

I don't know why the Kraken turns left first. Maybe he saw an opponent, or was waiting for me to follow. A quick review sees a shadow of an inkling running up the netting, so he was protecting me. But we're being assaulted from both sides, which is only to be expected this close to the opponent's base, and I am splatted before I can dunk the Rainmaker.

That's a shame, as there are few little pleasures in life equal to the feeling of dunking the Rainmaker. But we've got a good lead that's going to be hard to beat. Back in to the fray, we need to defend the lead and keeping the Rainmaker out of the opponents' suction cups.

There's a lot of scuffling near the centre of the map, but the opponents manage to get the Rainmaker along our side route. It doesn't look good when a Bubbler is popped, shared, and the Rainmaker is surrounded, but I manage to stay whole and sneak some ink between the bubbles to splat the Rainmaker. I even dodge some Rainmaker blasts, and a Killer Wail, but going toe-to-toe with another inkling gets us both splatted, just as the Rainmaker is in squidding distance of the podium. It was a good battle, and they deserve the victory.

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