Turning it around on Camp Triggerfish Rainmaker

29th January 2016 – 5.22 pm

I'm sticking with the Aerospray MG on Camp Triggerfish. I send out a Seeker to get us to the Rainmaker, which works really well. It's probably better on this map than some others, though. And despite the Aerospray's rapid rate of fire, the other team is up at the Rainmaker and out-inking us. We lose half our squad when the Rainmaker's shield bursts.

The opposition take the Rainmaker down the side route, which we move to defend. Splatting the carrier, they again spray more ink than us and burst the Rainmaker's shield. But, for some reason, they are slow to grab the Rainmaker. I seize the opportunity, grab the Rainmaker, and turn around to take it back to the centre along the central route, and a little beyond.

I don't get too far, though, and the Rainmaker changes suction cups again. A second push by the opposition goes along the same route as before, and again we manage to stop it. But we haven't done much positive so far. The battle is not looking good for us. We can keep trying, though.

We burst the shield, and again I turn around and run the Rainmaker back up the centre, away from attention. At least, that's the plan. Attention has a habit of finding whoever is carrying the Rainmaker, and I am encouraged to drop it. This push, the opposition come straight up the centre, but I stop that nicely. Now to go around the side, with some good squidmates at my back. When I am nearly up and over the netting, it's time to ink the path ahead, but the kickback on the Rainmaker pushes me in to a Killer Wail. Oops.

We still have squids near the Rainmaker, and super-jumping to their position looks good for a final push. A squidmate has the Rainmaker, so I go ahead to ink the path, podium, and to clear any opponents out of the way. It works well, as one blue inkling focusses on trying to splat me, as the Rainmaker gets dunked behind his back. Woomy!

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