Nearly dunking the Rainmaker

30th January 2016 – 5.08 pm

The Walleye Warehouse podium must be one of the hardest to reach. At least, it feels like it, with those ink-proof slopes and chokepoint right by the podium. But having said that, our opponents got a knockout victory against us a couple of times during the evening's session, so maybe it's not at difficult as I think it is.

I chuck out a Seeker to get us to the Rainmaker quickly, and this time jump up the crates and keep going. Sometimes it helps to move past the Rainmaker and prevent the enemy from shooting the shield than it does to actually shoot the shield. In this case, I get a bit lucky as a squid dive-bombs in to a Seeker I throw. It all helps, and we burst the shield, grab the Rainmaker, and make some decent progress up the map.

Of course, we get stopped soon enough, such is the nature of moving closer to the opponents' base. And that Heavy Splatling has some serious inkpower. But what you can't beat head-on, you can be crafty and sneak around the side. Returning to the fray, a super-jump lands me next to a Rainmaker waiting to be picked up. I think I just get lucky. Or unlucky, as it tends to get me splatted. But every point closer towards the goal makes a victory more likely.

I take a side-route for the next push, but that doesn't really help too much. It keeps me safe until I need to go in to the open, and I suppose that's a benefit, but then I'm just as vulnerable to a splatting. The other team gets a go with the Rainmaker, and it's a decent go, squidding the Rainmaker quite a distance in to our territory. Thankfully, we stop them. Reclaiming the Rainmaker, I take the other side route, which is more protected and bypasses some of the ink-resistant turf, and is a bit trickier to get to. The block up to the grate is specific to Rainmaker battles, and it needs a little jump to get to the grate and onwards.

A bit of trouble with the Rainmaker's ink has my progress thwarted, but not over. I make my way back along the same route, and accidentally pick up the Rainmaker again. Does no one else want to carry it? The benefits of this route become more obvious, as the crate offers protection, and the only ink-resistant turf I need to cross can be jumped over. I get to the podium, squid up it, and shout 'Woomy!'—only to be splatted. Latency, thou art a harsh mistress.

The Rainmaker is right next to the podium, though, as are my squidmates. Before I can even respawn and super-jump back to the action, the Rainmaker has been dunked. That deserves a 'woomy'!

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