Getting the rest of the way with the Rainmaker

31st January 2016 – 5.55 pm

I throw the standard Aerospray MG Seeker to help get us quickly to the centre of Camp Triggerfish, where we make short work of bursting the Rainmaker's shield, splatting two of the other team in the process. That shield has a large burst radius, and it can easily catch you off-guard. I run out of ink for a bit, frustrating my attempts to be threatening, so pause to refill my tank. That has my loitering for long enough to see a super-jump incoming, and I hang around to splat him before moving on.

My squidmate with the Rainmaker is pushing forwards, and I catch up to cover him. We make it a fair distance up the netting before we encounter trouble. I move ahead to provide support, splatting an opponent and taking one for the team. Rather me than the Rainmaker. Even so, with less support, the Rainmaker inkling gets splatted.

I return to the action using a super-jump, which conveniently lands me in a position to outflank the opponents currently bursting the shield. I splat one, but the other moves forwards and takes the Rainmaker. I give chase, pausing to splat the rather formidable Splatling, and catching up with the Rainmaker to splat him too.

We make short work of the Rainmaker's shield, and I grab it and head back the way I came. I take a bit of care approaching the end of the netting, as we are getting much closer to the opponents' base, but my squidmates are there and inking the way, as well as suppressing the other team. It's looking good!

I avoid a Splat Bomb and go for the podium, which has a covering of yellow ink I can't squid up. Except for the back, which has been inked by my squidmates, allowing for a strategic jump to get me up to the top and dunk the Rainmaker for a knockout victory. Woomy!

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