A little misdirection in Rainmaker

1st February 2016 – 5.03 pm

Another great start to Camp Triggerfish Rainmaker. I lurk for a bit after bursting the shield to refill my ink tank, to see if someone foolishly rushes in to grab it. No one this time, so I take the Rainmaker for myself and squid along with squidmate support around the side route.

We get pretty far, getting a healthy lead early on. There follows quite a tussle in that corner of the map, with the Rainmaker changing suction cups a few times. When purple finally gets it out of that zone, the inkling either makes a poor jump or deliberately jumps in to the water. It's a bit peculiar to do that deliberately, though, despite the pressure he's under.

Losing the Rainmaker where it is impossible to recover—water being the prime example—resets the Rainmaker to its initial position. As the inkling carrying the Rainmaker was only a couple of seconds away from there anyway, it seems a bit odd to sacrifice yourself for so little gain. Either way, it gives us another shot with the Rainmaker.

I try for a little misdirection. The central route is arguably more difficult to progress down, because of the direct line-of-sight the opponents have from their base. I make a start in that direction, hoping it will draw the purple inklings this way, then double-back and go the side route anyway.

Does it work? Maybe. It's hard to say. The ink is certainly coming from platforms in the central corridor, so maybe I did pull them the wrong way to start with, causing them to be in the wrong place. But I also have good support from my squidmates, and I do well to notice the inkling about to flank me, holding back until the way forwards is clear. Woomy!

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