Making amends in Rainmaker

2nd February 2016 – 5.36 pm

A particularly good start in this Rainmaker battle on Camp Triggerfish. The standard Aerospray MG plus Seeker manoeuvre works well, splatting an inkling when bursting the shield, but grabbing the Rainmaker and squidding around to the side has a bit of situational awareness too. I see the inkling waiting to encounter me, and jump down to the lower platform, charging the firing the Rainmaker to splat him. Him and another inkling, apparently.

Another inkling is on his way, using a super-jump. I get the Rainmaker charged, but don't manage to splat the inkling on landing. Instead, I get splatted. That was a mistake, as I should have at least moved forwards, and probably just let my squidmates take care of that super-jumping inkling. It's not the only mistake I make either.

At least I stay out of the way of the Bubbled inkling, in a decent hiding place, jumping out to splat him. But why do I break out the Inkzooka when I know I can't aim that thing for toffee? I could have stuck with the rapid-firing Aerospray to splat the Rainmaker squidding past me. Instead, he gets away and eventually takes the lead away from us. I think I just got carried away with the fact that my special had charged.

Their lead is increased, and it is close to the podium. We'll have a job to beat that. An Inkstrike helps with the shield, and I try to make amends for my mistake by reseting the Rainmaker. I head off to cover up all the teal ink around the podium. We can't have them squidding all the way back there so easily. But a Kraken gets in my way. Thank goodness for the rapid fire! I avoid him, head back around, and make the path orange again.

It may be for nought, as they get the Rainmaker and get it close to approaching our podium again. Thankfully, I notice the change of direction, although a squidmate was on the case. Regaining the Rainmaker, he sacrifices himself in the water to reset the Rainmaker. One failed carry only has my trying again.

This second time, a couple of charges and some good support from my squidmates gets me up to and past the netting along the side route. One last shot with the Rainmaker, and I'm squidding to and up the podium for a knockout dunking!

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