First game with the Inkbrush Nouveau on Splat Zones

3rd February 2016 – 5.29 pm

I still want to try out different weapons, to give me options when playing various battle modes on the maps in rotation. I'm giving the Inkbrush Nouveau a chance in Splat Zones. I've seen other players get where they want to go quickly, as the run speed when inking with the brush is increased over normal run speed, and then splash ink absolutely everywhere. It seems like a good choice for Splat Zones. But can I make it work for me?

It probably doesn't help to have having someone else with an Inkbrush on the team, as they are likely to know what they're doing. But I let them take the central route and I go the side route, which surprises one green inkling, and gets us control of the Splat Zones. I push up a bit and get another splat, and then get cocky and forget the short range of the Inkbrush.

Trying the same route finds another inkling to surprise, but I show my hand too early. My short range is my downfall again. I also seem to be relying too much on splashing ink, when running a trail would be just as useful. I need to remember that my speed is a benefit with the Inkbrush.

Finally managing to charge my Special, the Bubbler, I feel confident rushing back to the Splat Zone. If I encounter the opposition, I can pop the Bubbler and splash away. And that would work, were I not ambushed by a hiding inkling. Good move, inkling.

The Inkbrush Nouveau looks like it could be quite useful, but perhaps I need to practice outside of Ranked, as I keep suggesting is more appropriate. The only problem is that weapons are used differently in each of the Ranked modes than they are in Turf War. It would be good not to drag a team down when using a new weapon, but you can't really evaluate them otherwise.

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