Pushed back in Splat Zones

5th February 2016 – 5.45 pm

Part of my motivation for trying different weapons is because they often seem so effective when used against me in certain battle modes. This is one of those games.

The .52 Gal weapon splats with a couple of hits, and has a fairly long range. Its sub weapon is the Splash Wall, a curtain of ink that stops incoming fire for a while, whilst letting your own ink through it. Normally, you manoeuvre away from the Splash Wall, as you can't engage effectively. But I tend not to do that normally, and in you back off in Splat Zones, you effectively hand over control.

I need to remember that my Suction Bombs can be thrown over the Splash Walls. Or in to them, as the walls are being thrown. Just before we lose the battle, I get a lucky throw that hits the Splash Wall before it unfolds, and it explodes to catch the inkling with it. That's the sort of timing I'd like to take credit for.

But, yes, we lose the battle. I blame my lack of caution mostly. The other side having all mid-to-long range weapons against our all-but-one short-range weapons is another factor. That, and Splat Zones is the Ranked battle mode I'm least comfortable with.

I should probably pick up the .52 Gal, or similar, and give it a go. I'm sure the Splash Wall isn't as easy to use as it looks, particularly as it probably uses a lot of ink from your tank. But it would give me an appreciation for the weapon I often face and lose to.

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