Running out of ink on Tower Control

9th February 2016 – 5.47 pm

The Tri-Slosher can be a thirsty beast, particularly when I mash the trigger continually. That may end up being my downfall on this Tower Control battle on Camp Triggerfish. That, and forgetting that I have a Bubbler special.

I uncharacteristically ignore the tower to start with to get a couple of opportunistic splats, which works well. I run back and around the side, ostensibly to provide cover for the tower, but I think that's a tactic that works mostly in Rainmaker. The opposition aren't likely to take that route when they have a more direct one available.

I cross back to the central corridor, my Bubbler having charged, and either forget it or don't realise as a Blaster takes potshots at me. After that splat, it's a bit of a battle of attrition, right up until I run out of ink as the opposition take the lead. Had I kept some ink, or not have been running over the rope bridge, and so not able to refill my ink tank, I could probably have stopped them a bit earlier.

At least I have a rare death-from-below splat with the Tri-slosher after that. And the battle itself is a lot of fun, with some good back-and-forth play.

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