Tower Control is slippery sometimes

11th February 2016 – 5.27 pm

I like to get to the objective quickly, and riding the tower is excellent fun. Being able to move quickly with the Tri-slosher is a good skill too. But when the other side can move as quickly as you, you get splatted. Never mind! Back in to the fray, and I squid past a thrown Splat Bomb, splat the thrower, and move forwards to disrupt and splat a charger. Good work for a short-range bucket!

Rather than head down the side channel, I learn from the previous mistake and go straight down the middle to support my squidmates riding the tower. This lets me hit a couple of inklings head-on, and let the tower go further forwards. I do quite well until a stray Splat Bomb from a Bomb Rush explodes on a ramp I can't see down.

Back to the heart of the fray and on to the tower. The Tri-slosher probably shouldn't be this good against a charger, but the circumstances are good. I can throw ink upwards and he can't aim downwards too well. This lets us take the tower really close to the goal, but not quite there.

We lose the tower and our opponents get it moving back past the centre. But, again, my Tri-slosher helps, tossing ink down from above, splatting the two inklings on the tower. My turn again! I take the tower past the centre and, well, fall off it. It's a bit slippery. It's more slippery when you're surrounded by a bubble, particularly when a charger shoots you. The Bubbler may make you invulnerable to ink, but not the force of the ink hitting you. I skid backwards.

The two dunkings in to the water are not a disappointment. We did plenty in the early stages of the battle to get the lead, and after that it's mostly a matter of preventing the other side from getting a tentacle-hold. The most effective way of doing that is controlling the tower, which we do.

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