Buckets of fun on Tower Control

13th February 2016 – 5.50 pm

Camp Triggerfish's long, open spaces suit shooters and chargers well, but I still really enjoy throwing buckets of ink around with the Tri-Slosher. I find it suits me well in Tower Control in particular, as there are plenty of vantage spots to rain ink down from above. Running in to a Seeker isn't a great idea, though. They seek, for a start.

Splash Walls are a bit annoying too. They prevent your ink from passing through, whilst allowing the opponents' ink. If you hit them, they run out of ink more quickly, but you can only do that by exposing yourself, and the weapons with Splash Walls typically have a decent range. I suppose technically I could throw ink over the top, but I would have to get close and, well, it's the same problem of being expose. So I stop and wait, deciding what to do.

I spread a bit of ink, then go past the evaporated Splash Wall, splat the owner, and take his place on the tower. A Blaster threatens me and a squidmate, also now on the tower, so I hop off to deal with it. And a charger that is also threatening us. I don't think they saw me coming. The Roller did, though, but that's okay. I think I came out quite well in that exchange.

The Roller covered up some ink, but a squidmate over-inks that purple mess, letting me get right back to the action with only a little bit of sloshing required. Again, I splat the Blaster and charger, which is very satisfying, and dispose of the Splash Wall sneakily thrown on to the tower itself. I think about making the leap to the tower, but I can't squid on the grate to get more speed, as I'd slip through in to the water, and an inkling can't run too fast. I decide against it.

They get control of the tower, and I think it a good idea to spread some ink along the side channel, for easier defence. I see the tower coming, but misjudge my appearance. I'm not in range and the Blaster splats me. My fault. At least I dodge the Killer Wail that flies my way.

After that, it's attacking up the middle again, this time with my Bubbler charged and ready to be popped for defence. This, plus the handy falling ink from my Tri-slosher, gets us the tower really close to the goal. After that, it's just a matter of not making any mistakes. I quite like seeing the Kraken get pushed off the tower in to the water, but only because it splatted me earlier.

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