Saving the Tower on Camp Triggerfish

15th February 2016 – 5.12 pm

Camp Triggerfish isn't the best map for a Tri-slosher, with its long corridors and open spaces, but I still like the bucket for Tower Control. Being able to slosh all over the tower is great, and the grates and netting grant good vantage points. But, as is obvious from the start, the long sight-lines benefit the longer-range weapons quite a lot.

In Ranked battles, sometimes I focus on the objective too much, and lose sight of the supportive role I can play. Other times it's the opposite. When I'm having a good day, I realise in time that I'm not contributing and re-adjust. I mostly try to ride the tower at the start of this battle, which helps give us a really healthy lead. It's hard to see battle lost, unless we really make mistakes.

It looks like we might be making those mistakes too. The green team push the tower along nicely, and my efforts to splat those inklings on the tower mostly result in my getting splatted. We are short on tentacles and the green team get ever closer to beating our lead, and with a Kraken on the tower. But just as they get to within a point of our lead, my slosher comes in to its own, helped by a squidmate or two with some extra suppressing ink and a bit of meatshield. That triple-splat really saves the tower!

I like to think I contributed in this battle for Tower Control, although perhaps I could have re-adjusted a little bit sooner. It would be nice if my Bubbler had charged just that split-second sooner than 'at the moment of splatting' too, but I get some use out of it.

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