Disconnected from the Splat Zones

17th February 2016 – 5.49 pm

Not a particularly outstanding battle in Splat Zones, maybe because I'm trying yet another new weapon for me, the .52 Gal. Its Splash Wall has always got me in trouble when on the receiving end, and the Killer Wail seems like it would be good in Splat Zones. Needless to say, the weapon is better in practiced hands, and I need more practice.

Charging in to the middle of the Splat Zones probably isn't the best tactic for a weapon with medium range, though. I am too used to short-range weapons, and continue to shoot and run forwards, instead of keeping my distance. But the .52 Gal is certainly a powerful shooter. Two-shot splats are nasty when on the receiving end, but really helpful when you're doing them.

The one point of interest in this game is actually seeing a squid disconnect from the battle. At 1'26", just after I get splatted, the purple inkling evaporates in a puff of mist. That is the sign of an player disconnecting. That gives us a four-on-three advantage, which is almost always enough for any Ranked battle to be won without too much difficulty.

Naturally, it's a knockout victory before too long. The .52 Gal looks like a good weapon, and it's interesting to try to use the Splash Wall and find out that it's not just a matter of pressing a button to get splats. Players who use it well have practiced and got some skill.

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