Lucky shots in Splat Zones

18th February 2016 – 5.08 pm

I can't believe that the other team is consistently much better than my own, so I have to conclude that I really don't have my mojo about me this evening in Splat Zones. I swap weapons for something more familiar, in a bid to get my mojo back, but even the Splatterscope isn't working for me. We're stomped again.

Well, that's a little unfair. We storm the Splat Zones and get a mighty lead to start with. It's only afterwards that they wrest control from us and do their best not to let us re-take control of the Splat Zones. They do a really good job of that too.

I get some lucky shots, but that they're lucky and not skilled is why I'm heading to Turf War after this battle. Mind you, hitting an inkling and getting the splat, only for him to turn in to a Kraken and avoid the splat is pretty unfortunate. That final splat, just as the battle finishes, was definitely lucky, though.

Okay, no more Ranked battles for me tonight. Maybe a bit of Turf War can convince me that my skills aren't falling by the wayside.

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