One-sided Tower Control

20th February 2016 – 5.30 pm

The Boss is aptly named for an inkling. Nine splats to no losses, which means he keeps his distance well. But he also maintains a good anchor point for the rest of us to super-jump to. You can't ask for anything else from a charger, and is an excellent example of how to play the weapon.

I'm sticking with the Tri-slosher for Tower Control for now, and take the side-route to the tower. It's probably not quicker, but it could provide a little ink from an unexpected direction. There seems little point in taking that route for the rest of the match, given where the tower is.

Trying to catch up with the tower reminds me of that inkable block added for Tower Control, that lets you sneak around via that side route I first take, but on the opposition's side. That is really useful for providing some surprise ink. Otherwise, super-jumping to The Boss is a great way to stay in touch with the battle.

This really is a one-sided battle. The other team don't push the tower even a single inch across the half-way point. It's as emphatic a victory you can get without it being a knockout. I hope The Boss stays on my side in the other matches.

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