Tough tussle in Tower Control

21st February 2016 – 5.17 pm

I don't take the side route to the tower this time, but a more direct route. It takes me through a grate, and I'm not sure this is the quickest, but not getting to the tower immediately may have been a blessing. The Splash Wall and barrage of ink coming from purple has my backing away to stay unsplatted. I try to splat that powerful Dynamo Roller, but he flings his ink just in time to get a mutual splat.

I try to provide support for my squidmates, who need no encouragement to ride the tower. Laying down ink, trying to splat the other team, and squidding on to the tower when it is uncontested. But I just seem to get splatted an awful lot. I like to think I helped a bit, though.

Lots of to-and-fro in this Tower Control battle. No one really dominates, and it's probably just a touch of luck that lets us push the tower just that little bit further than the other side. Maybe it's because we had The Boss on our team again.

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