Blue murder in Rich or Fit Splatfest

6th March 2016 – 5.55 pm

It's a Money vs Money battle in the Splatfest, so the colours change around for us.

Either the others aren't trying so hard, with nothing on the line for the Splatfest, or we are being a bit too aggressive in pushing forwards.

I think our team are gelling quite well. Ben and Steinar have been around for a few games with me now, and we're getting more victories than losses.

Moving on a couple of battles, Ben and Steinar are still with me, as is Pupsik. We all seem to be quite aggressive players, and push back the other team without respite.

It's probably a bit harsh to keep the opponents so close to their base, but it happens the other way around sometimes too. That's not really much of an excuse for making the game frustrating for other players, though.

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