Leaving them to it on Rich or Fit Splatfest

7th March 2016 – 5.44 pm

Another dominating game in the EU Splatfest, with Ben and Steiner, plus a random squid that's changing each game now.

I leave them to it at the opponents' base when I realise we've got them cornered, and return to ink some of the turf we've bypassed. I think the others have it covered.

I don't really take any pleasure in keeping the other players pinned in their base, not in a game that I like to keep fun. It should be fun for others too. I realise that I am in instigator, pushing hard and early in to opponents' territory, but most of the time that doesn't work. It's more of a challenge than an objective.

Unsurprisingly, we take another strong victory. And although my tactics align with those of my squidmates, I have to wonder if perhaps having three really aggressive inklings on one team is perhaps the best option.

As if to press home this lesson to me, a couple of battles later we meet our match. Sure, the Splatterscope inkling is perhaps a little obsessive over strength upgrades, but I can't knock him for knowing his weapon and having devastating aim. I can't move without getting splatted. It is incredibly frustrating.

We're not just pinned back in our base, unable to make a move, but our opponents have weapons and skills that effectively prevent us even trying to make any positive move. So be it! I take steinar's lead and have a little squid party to relieve the tension. It works!

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