Getting close on Bluefin Depot in Tower Control

29th March 2016 – 5.17 pm

Bluefin Depot was my bogey level at the start of the evening, getting splatted everywhere by squids almost completely ignoring the tower. Even with my change from the Tri-slosher to the Dual Squelcher, would this change? Thankfully, yes.

The tower was the focus of attention: they wanted us off of it, because we were on it. That's how it should be.

The range of the Dual Squelcher came nicely in to play again, able to engage squids at a good distance, including the pesky E-litre charger. Maybe I couldn't splat him all the time, but I was enough of a nuisance to make him move.

Another good game, even if I still get splatted more than I get splats. I rode the tower and contributed to the team.

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