Excellent Moray Towers Tower Control, 20-3 with the Splatterscope

9th April 2016 – 5.02 pm

My first game of the evening, and it's a belter. Perhaps my best game of Tower Control, and one of my best Ranked battles so far, certainly with a charger. This is the battle that motivated me to make a 'Games of Fame' playlist on YouTube, and a game of fame tag for Tiger Ears.

I start the battle by getting a quad splat, splatting every inkling on the other team. In this case, they are all out of action at the same time too, albeit for a split-second. Maybe players don't like Moray Towers for this reason, but a quad splat with a charger is not easy!

For the rest of the battle, my aim may be far from perfect, but the good sight-lines and my improving gets me plenty of splats, and I keep myself squidding by being at least somewhat aware of my surroundings.

And, of course, my squidmates are great for sticking to the Tower so well. I'm sorry for that squid that dived to his doom as I re-took control, though. You can see him fly past at 3:36. Have a gfycat of his fall for purposes of hilarity.

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