Covering the Splat Zones

1st May 2016 – 5.09 pm

Moray Towers is in the rotation, which would be time to break out the Splatterscope, but the other map is Hammerhead Bridge. Well, if I can make it work on Kelp Dome, I can see what I can do on the Bridge.

I look for a perch of relative safety that can cover at least a good portion of the Splat Zones, and set myself up. It seems to be a good place, and I keep the ink around me covered, as well as lobbing a decent Splat Bomb around a Splash Wall.

I suspect my squidmates are contributing a bit more to the battle than me, though, mostly because my other games on the Bridge go rather worse. But I'm here to learn.

And a second video: Trying my best in Splat Zones

Here we go, Moray Towers Splat Zones with the Splatterscope. I should be in my element. Apart from being in Splat Zones.

A nice, early splat for me. That should settle my nerves. Keep an eye out for yellow squids trying to flank me. And get knocked off the ledge by a super-jumping ally. That's actually pretty funny!

A quick pause as the helicopter passes overhead, and it's time to get bold. I look for an avenue to exploit the Splatterscope's range against the opponents' Splat Zone. I think I find one, but I don't last long. That's okay, now I can alternate between them.

That's the plan, at least. And I certainly can't stay at our Splat Zone when we're so far behind in the battle.

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