So nearly A+ with 3 chargers in Splat Zones

3rd May 2016 – 5.22 pm

Three chargers on our team for Moray Towers Splat Zones. That may not be so bad, as they cover a lot of turf quite easily. As long as we can dictate range, which is quite possible on Moray Towers, we should compete well enough.

I think the main problem is working out who plays support and who moves to take the opponents' Splat Zone. So, of course, my aggressive self decides that I should give it a go. That's cool with me!

It looks like an impass. We are holding our own Splat Zone well enough, but they are covering the central area too well for us to reliably cross it and ink their zone for any amount of time. A new approach is needed.

I find the new approach. Rather than head directly to the Splat Zone, take the indirect route. It doesn't seem to be covered, and this late in the game they probably aren't expecting it to be used. And I can get there through our own Splat Zone, once it's made safe.

It works! We get the Splat Zones in our own ink, and start the clock counting down, just before we take the battle in to overtime. But the other team regroup quickly, and I fail to notice the squid coming up behind me. Oh well, still not A+ rank for me.

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