Back to Arowana Mall with the Rainmaker

15th May 2016 – 5.33 pm

Arowana Mall has been tweaked and is back in rotation. Today it's available in Rainmaker, which works for me!

I take my normal route to the centre, and get a couple of splats for my efforts. As we grab the Rainmaker, I resist the temptation to sit back, and instead press forwards to help support my squidmates.

We keep the pressure high for a bit, and the Rainmaker stays in opponent territory for a healthy period. When the other team gets control and pushes in to our half, I do my bit in preventing it get too close to our podium.

I even manage to grab the Rainmaker for a bit, which I always enjoy doing, even if I tend not to wait for squidmates to help ink a path. In the end, we do enough to defend our turf.

Welcome back, Arowana Mall.

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