Short and sweet Rainmaker on Arowana Mall

16th May 2016 – 5.04 pm

That E-litre 3K Scope can easily outrange my Splatterscope, and I have to be careful to avoid his attention. On top of that, some squid keeps lobbing Suction Bombs to my position. I manage to stay unsplatted, though.

A quick repositioning, after avoiding the bombs, gets me in to a better perch for the circumstances. The E-litre user did the same, wanting to get closer to me, I think. Getting closer is not what she should be doing, though. My quicker-charging Splatterscope splats her.

My team grabs the Rainmaker and goes around the side, as I pelt the centre with Splat Bombs. Whether the other team thinks that means we're coming down the centre, I dunno, but I get some attention. One squid is splatted, another is not quite out of range as he tries to launch an Inkstrike. I think that is less a miscalculation on his part and more a desperate attempt to cover the podium. It doesn't work either way.

So short! Let's have a second battle: Too close for comfort in Rainmaker

That Octobrush is a pain! Running around really quickly, splashing ink everywhere, dropping Beakons, and then inking a path straight through our territory as a Kraken. It's a mighty weapon in the right suction cups.

Our decent lead is obliterated in that one push through the chokepoint, and it doesn't look like it will be easy to regain it. A squidmate puts himself in the line of inking when I pick up the Rainmaker, and a nicely aimed Rainmaker blast lets me sneak the lead back, not realising that I was being chased a Kraken.

It's not over, though. The other team gets the Rainmaker back and pushes the game in to overtime. Not being able to defend the central zone well enough, the squid sneaks along the side route and we have to be alert to the threat.

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