Overcome with ink in Splat Zones

26th May 2016 – 5.50 pm

A muddled start, some competent play to get a fair lead, and then purple ink goes everywhere.

It's a fun, frantic battle, and I am impressed with my agile evasion of that Seeker, as well as the occasional realistion that I should be inking the Splat Zone rather than hunting inklings.

That purple inkling at the start was lucky with his Kraken. My Splat Bomb was well-aimed.

Let's have a positive battle today as well: Straightforward Splat Zones

100 to 0 without a break. That's a good game of Splat Zones. At least, for us it is. It must have felt frustrating for the other team.

The Echolocator can be quite handy, particularly in more cluttered environments. It helps me prevent getting flanked, and also prevents me getting splatted, if I hadn't been ganged up on.

You may note that my A+ rank doesn't reflect the previous winning games. The losses between these are not really worth watching, so I'm not going to be hitting S rank soon. But maybe I won't drop back down to A either.

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