Somehow turning it around on Rainmaker

31st May 2016 – 5.10 pm

E-litre 3Ks, huh? What can you do? Get in to pointless duels with them, apparently.

Playing the support role looks to be a good idea, as the other side are keen to keep the turf purple, making their pushes more quick and effective. But one of them isn't expecting me to be around. To be fair, the others end up not really caring, as I'm not being terribly effective with my aim again.

At least I use my Splat Bomb Rush to good effect at the end. After our opponents try to deny us access to the Rainmaker, they rush around the wrong way and a barrage of Splat Bombs gives my squidmates the opportunity to deliver the Rainmaker.

Let's have another short battle: Dunking a disconnect on Bluefin Depot Rainmaker

Squidding through that rail is a good move. I hope no one saw that.

There's some weird glitching from the Octobrush inkling, which gives me pause for thought, until he disappears in a puff of smoke.

With the other side one inkling down, I immediately think that this is a battle we ought to win. I become more bold with this thought, grabbing the Rainmaker and moving up to the first platform.

A bit of sense tells me to stop as I see blue ink chase my tentacles, and I hide and blast Rainmaker shots whilst my squidmates catch up with me.

A Bubbler keeps them safe, as a wall keeps me safe. The opposition is splatted, my squidmates are by my side, and I make a rare dunking on the Bluefin Depot podium. Woomy!

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