Dual Squelching in Splatfest Ninja

5th June 2016 – 5.39 pm

I dabble a bit with the Dual Squelcher. It involves shooting my squidmates more than I should, neatly activating the Echolocator when I know I'm about to be splatted, and wondering if I could ever get that good with the Inkbrush.

Some nifty manoeuvring gets me a splat on the charger, and I would like to say I was protecting the incoming super-jump when I was splatted by the Luna Blaster, but I think I just misjudged its range.

Not a good score for me in the end, although my splat total is okay. And we don't win. But it's Ninjas vs Ninjas again, so never mind.

More poor aiming in Splatfest Ninja

Another overflow of chargers in Walleye Warehouse. I stick with trying to ink turf for the most part, which is good, as my aim sucks. At lest I can hit the floor with some confidence.

I really need to practice my aiming more. That really just means playing with the Splatterscope more, and I'm not sure I can use it more than I already am.

I'll get good, though. You just wait.

Chargers charge in Splatfest Ninja

Three chargers on Walleye Warehouse. This should be an interesting battle. I immediately abandon the idea of finding a perch and holding it, as do the others, and instead go mobile. Bane has taught me well.

I think avoiding that Inkbrush goes well, even when he turns in to the Kraken. I have to admit being surprised.

I get a couple of decent splats, and cover some turf, and at the end of the battle, that's what really counts.

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